How To Monetize My Website And Make Money?


How To Monetize My Website And Make Money?: After you have created your website and completed your blog posts, then it is necessary to monetize it to earn income from it. If you are searching for “How To Monetize My Website And Make Money?” or “How do websites make money?” then you are in right place, this post is for you.


How To Monetize My Website And Make Money?: 

One of the best ways to earn money from website is

1. Produce useful and valuable content on the website
2. Make people visit your website
3. Monetize it and make money

What is Monetization of a website?

Monetization of a website is the process of working on that in a way, it produces your income.
If you make your website to generate income for you, it is known as monetization.

What are the methods of monetizing ? or How do websites make money?

Monetizing is done by several methods, they are

1 make people watch your Advertisements
2 sell and earn commission on Affiliate products
3 Selling your advertisement spaces to someone
4 Selling your own products

When it comes to earning from websites, these are the methods to earn from it, We shall go thru one by one

Earn by Advertisements:

People usually search the internet to find the solution for their query, you provide answers to their query and make them visit your website.

Then you put the advertisement on your blog and earn money from it when people watch and click on it.

earn by ads

There are two types of advertisements, that is CPC/PPC and CPM. CPC stands for Cost per click (pay per click) ads which are placed as banners on the websites.When a reader clicks on the ad, you are getting paid for that click.

Another type is CPM which stands for Cost Per 1000 Impressions, you will be paid by the number of impressions on your ad, they don’t need to click it to generate income.


Earn commission on Affiliate products:

Affiliate commissions are one of the ways to earn from the website, bloggers provide reviews about some products on their blog and recommend to buy products.

If a reader buys the product or sign up, or provide information then blogger receives commissions on the sold product.

earn by affiliate

Affiliate commission percentage differ from product to product, based on the market value. Anybody can signup for the affiliate program, recommend a product, sale and make money.

Amazon affiliate is one of the huge company based on affiliate programs.


Earn by Selling your advertisement space:

If your blog or website has a huge traffic, then there is a possibility to sell that space on the website to other persons to post their advertisements or affiliate links on your website.

You can see some website have menus like “advertise with us”, “for advertisement contact” and so on. people will contact them to advertise their products for sale or for impressions.

You can also do the same to earn income, In this method, you don’t need any skill, just signup for affiliate and paste your ad on the site having more traffic for a monthly charge.


Earn By  Selling your own products:

After getting a trustable name from the readers, you can also sell your own products to them. But for this, you need to have more experience so that your readers will trust you to make a sell.

For example, your website has monthly around 1 million views and it’s as old as 4 years. (Here why I am mentioning old is that the readers have a trust in you).

If you recommend your own ebook on “How to?” or recommend a study course, they will trust you and you make a sale. Again, you need to earn a good reputation for doing like this and earn income. Here your brand value will make your sale.

From the above methods now you come to know How To Monetize My Website And Make Money? or

“How do websites make money?”, If you have any doubts pls comment I will reply.


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