How to make Authentic muslim mutton biryani?

Chicken Biryani

The origin of biryani was Persia(Iran), its derived from Persian word “birian” which means “fried before cooking”. it is believed that it was introduced to India by Baber the Mughal emperor. If you are searching for How to make Authentic Muslim mutton biryani? you are in right place.

Let us discuss How to make Authentic Muslim mutton biryani?

South Indian Mutton Biryani Ingredients:

Mutton – 1 Kg

Seeraga Samba Rice – 0.5kg

Whole spices (Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom)

Ghee – 5 Tsp


Oil – 2 Tbsp

Sliced Onion – 3 nos

Ginger Garlic paste – 5 Tsp

Green chili – 3 nos

Sliced Tomato – 3 nos

Rock Salt – As required

Chili powder – 4 Tsp

Hot water – 1 cup

Turmeric powder – 1 Tsp

Lemon juice – 1 nos

Curd – 2 cup

Mint leaves and Coriander leaves as required.

Step:1 – Preparation of Rice:

Clean & wash seeraga samba rice. (water – 1:2 ratio)

Soak rice for 30 minutes before cooking.

Cook the rice separately adding salt until its 3/4 th cooked.

Drain water and keep rice aside.


Step:2 – Biryani Preparation:

Note: – Before Preparing, Mutton should be boiled for 5 whistles separately

Keep the pot in flame, add ghee and oil.

Add whole spices, sliced onion and fry till golden color.

Add ginger garlic paste, green chilly and sliced tomato.

Add salt as required.

Add turmeric powder, chili powder and Mutton pieces, stir it well.

Add hot water, Lemon juice, and curd. stir it well.

Add the handful of mint and coriander leaves, stir it well.

close the pot and cook it for 15 minutes in medium flame.

Switch off the stove and keep pot aside.


Step:3 – Dhum

Keep tava on the stove, place cooked pot over tava

Add rice to the mutton gravy and mix it gently.

Add ghee, mint and coriander leaves as required.

Close the top and seal it.

Keep the pot for dhum in sim flame for 15 minutes.

Switch off the flame and now,

Your tasty South Indian Mutton Biryani is now and ready to serve.



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