How to make Kolkata Chicken biryani at home?

Kolkatta chicken biryani

Usually, people make biryani with two types of rice, Basmati rice, and seeraga samba. Briyani made with either basmati or seeraga samba tastes ultimate. If you are searching for How to make Kolkata chicken/mutton biryani at home? you are in right place.color ingredients are added to form colourfull rice like yellow, red, brown etc.,

Let us discuss on “How to make Kolkata chicken/mutton biryani at home?


Kolkata chicken/mutton biryani Ingredients:

Mutton / Chicken with bones: 2 Kg

Boiled Eggs: As required. (10 Nos.)

Potatoes: As required (10 Nos)


Ingredients To Make masala solution:

Ginger and Garlic Paste: 10 Tsp

Cooking Oil: 1/4 Cups

Yogurt: 1 Cup

Fried Onion: 1 Cup

Black Pepper whole: 1Tsp

Javitri: 4 flacks

Kabab Chini: 1 Tsp

Cloves: 1 Tsp

Green Cardamom: 15

Black cardamom: 4

Cinnamon Stick: 4 of 1 inch

Cumin Seeds: 1 Tbsp


Ingredients To make Biryani masala: with (masala solution)

Lemon Juice: 5 tsp

Salt: As required

Water: 4 Glass

Masala solution: 3 glass

Milk with cream: 1 1/2 Cups

Oil: 0.5 Cups

Ghee: 0.5 Cups


Preparation of masala:

Heat the oil in pan with sim flame

Mix ginger and garlic paste

Add fried onion and stir it well.

Add cut Mutton/Chicken and fry

Add yakni spices, and salt to it.

Add curd and Stir it well, Add water as required.

Boil it for 20 mts.

Separate meat and solution and keep aside.

This solution is known as yakni.


Preparation of Biryani masala:

Mix lemon juice with yakni

Add oil, salt, and Chilly powder.

After the boil, add milk to it.

Add garam masala as required.

Now add separated meat pieces into it.

Boil it for 20 mts in medium flame.

Finally, add Rosewater and kewadawater.

Add boiled potatoes and stir it well.

Close the lid and boil it for 5 mins


Preparation of Rice:

Add soaked rice with water and salt.

Add green cardomom, pepper, and spice leaves

Boil it till the rice get boiled up to 50%



Add the Half boiled rice over the biryani kurma.

Add milk with saffron over the rice.

Add ghee over the rice.

Place boiled eggs over the rice.

Close the lid and seal it.

Boil it in sim flame for 30 min.


Now, Kolkata biryani is ready to serve.













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